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Fall by J.Manalo

Hidden Garden

Manipulated Canvases
Mixed Media

F dim 7 by J.Manalo

Common Unity by J.Manalo



Origins by J.Manalo

Happy Hour

Computer Graphics

Digital Photography

Abstract by J.Manalo


Macro-Pixel Artwork

I enjoy the evolution of creativity that comes from experimentation, particularly when various elements are combined to create richly dimensional, abstract pieces. My artistry is expressed through various mediums, some of which are acrylics, watercolors, textiles and fiber, charcoal, photography and computers. With the use of brushes, combs, wire, screens, sponges, twigs or my fingers, I manipulate canvas, wood, paper and fabric into works of art.

I am learning to let the results influence the next step rather than being so concerned about the preconceived process. It has been liberating to release those expectations and discover the unintended.

Playfully pushing the creative envelope best describes my mindset. A fellow artist complimented my work when he wrote, “…very creative ideas, unique. Your work is so varied and related abstractly to the world around us. I think that is the essence of creativity.”

All frames and feats of engineering are the result of my husband's amazing skills.


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